Cassandra Callahan


Cassandra Callahan, affectionately referred at the office as CC, is a coveted member of the Team Real. She joined in 2007 with impressive marketing background. She manages copious amounts of work under incredibly tight timelines and we consider her invaluable. Her time management skills are rivalled only by her ability to manage events to budget. Cassandra is also an avid cross border shopper who is willing to teach those worthy and willing to learn her trade. Cassandra embarrasses the rest of us with her avid travels. And if we need to research hot spots/venues – go to CC. Most importantly, she possesses a quick and somewhat dry wit that adds an impressive dimension to the Real Communications headquarters. CC may be the most conservative of the team but she knows when to have top shelf fun. She does refer to her dress style as nun-like and says “Always better to more formal then less!”. Cassandra is easy to get along with except for her fights with Michelle over the office temperature and her dislike of toxic hairspray fumes. CC lives in Oakville with her husband and is a proud mom of two.