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We are real people who offer communication and event services, focusing first and foremost on the integration of both to maximize your business outputs. There is always a way to measure and quantify your impact. By keeping things simple but striving to find innovative ways to enable incredible experiences through our words, activities and visuals, we always deliver.



October 2017

Featured on Freeman Website – October Insights Blog

As a boutique event agency, Real Communications has thrived in a competitive and rapidly-changing industry for more than a decade. Owner and partner Michelle Smith shared with us the key elements of a sound event strategy and her unique approach to continually providing innovative, quality and meaningful event services that produce exciting brand experiences for clients.

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Advantage Magazine

April/May/June 2015

Featured in Advantage Magazine – April / May / June 2015 Edition

TENACIOUS TRIO – With a staff of just three, Real Communications has become an event-planning force to be reckoned with , thanks to bold thinking and strong relationships.

“For us, it’s about being bold, staying fresh, challenging yourself, and pushing yourself. And sometimes it’s pushing your client gently in the direction they need to go. So, stepping outside of your comfort zone, trying new things.” – Michelle Smith, Cofounder of Real Communications Inc.

Biz Bash - Winter 2010-2011


Winter 2010-2011

BizBash article – Featured in BizBash Magazine – Winter 2010 / 2011 Edition

LIGHT SHOW – Sun Life launched its new mutual fund company with fireworks and simultaneous events in five cities.

“We had five satellite broadcast trucks, 4,000 separate explosions, 35 pyrotechnic experts, and 47 technicians on the ground. We also had three teleconference bridges going on, so all of our event staff could speak to one another. It was a massive undertaking.” – Liz Campbell, Sun Life Financial