Sharon Bignall


Sharon is the newest and youngest addition to Real Communications; almost a decade younger than most of us, (but we don’t hate her because she is young and beautiful). Sharon’s no stranger to the REAL family, she was a previous colleague/employee/friend to both Norma and Michelle. Sharon was born in Colombia to missionary parents and speaks fluent Spanish, although that has yet to help us at all; but it’s still fun to learn fun Spanish expressions, like “Ay! Naranjas en la cabeza!” = The oranges are falling on my head. Maybe you had to be there, but we always laugh. Sharon has surprising DIY drilling skills and singlehandedly hung much needed shelving units in our office storage room. Sharon was educated at U of T, received a BA in Psychology and regularly counsels us on our extensive issues. We’re open to the help. She also worked on the corporate side, at Bell Canada for 13 years. She is an invaluable new addition, who works fast and creatively and is exceedingly reliable and professional despite what a previous boss once told her (we won’t reveal his name for obvious reasons). Sharon is married to Troy and a relatively new mom to her gorgeous son, Ozzy, who recently learned to drink regular milk, (if you know what I mean).