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REAL People.

We are real people who offer communication and event services, focusing first and foremost on the integration of both to maximize your business outputs.

There is always a way to measure and quantify your impact. By keeping things simple but striving to find innovative ways to enable incredible experiences through our words, activities and visuals, we always deliver.

Michelle Smith


[email protected]

Michelle graduated from Western although she never even saw a football game. She has worked at Bell Canada and Canadian Tire Financial in so many different fields and jobs that it would be boring to list them all. Suffice to say, there were a lot of events and communications. She credits many bosses and amazing experiences (from her corporate life) to having inspired her entrepreneurial spirit that was excited (yet remained dormant) for many years. Her perfectionist tendencies, evident in her desperate hairstyling attempts, also transcend into her professional life where events and communications are her passion. “I feel that events are a microcosm of life – if you experience an exciting, invigorating and innovative event and the message is strong and positive – your mind may be opened and enlightened. It does not take much to turn monotony into excitement and that is what I love to do!” She cannot wait to turn your business meeting into a real and fun-filled life experience. Michelle lives five minutes from the office (due to her dislike of long commutes) and has two grown girls, Paige & Rachael, of whom she is very proud.

Norma Bonvivere


[email protected]

Norma has small town roots having grown up in Collingwood. Her sophistication evolved rapidly as she was thrust into the big city while attending OCAD (Ontario College of Art & Design) at the age of 18. She sketched nudes, attended colour theory classes and promoted her artistic work in galleries. As many young artists do, she sought alternative employment working with Wardair and Canadian Airlines as a flight attendant. She still claims to be the safest travelling partner around due to her extensive safety training. She flew the friendly skies until finding employment at Bell Mobility – working in many marketing communications roles and making full use of her creative flare for 15 years. Norma has also mastered every possible computer challenge, leaving all IS/IT experts in her wake as her technical savvy now rivals her creative genius – making her the creative and technical asset of REAL. Norma also lives five minutes from the office with her husband, Michael, and two great kids, James and Michaela.